VTW320DECT Duo/Mono
PC & Desk Phone Dual Mode
The headset can connect the computer and the desk phone at the same time,
you can switch the desired mode through the screen-touch button on the base,
easily deploy multiple tasks, and achieve constant call management.

You won't miss any important call,
which will enhance the work efficiency.
Better Wirless Connection
Better Wirless Connection
The wireless communication distance of 120m/350ft

allows you to fully free your hands.

Even if you work away from your desk,

you can still maintain wireless connection,

which will not disappoint you or your customers.
Smart Touchscreen Base
Smart Touchscreen Base
The intuitive touchscreen base is easy to

use for daily call management.

You can tap the button to switch the computer

and desk phone mode,

answer and end calls, and mute the microphone.
Products Advantages
Enjoy wireless hands-free communication
and easily manage PC and desk phone calls through touchscreen Base.

The noise-cancelling microphone and led indicator light
keep you stay focused on work and boost your creativity.
ENC Technology
ENC Technology
Led Busy-light
Led Busy-light
120m/350ft wireless range
120m/350ft wireless range
Excellent Compatibility
Excellent Compatibility
Noise Cancelling Microphone
Noise Cancelling Microphone
The headset built-in ENC technology

can effectively eliminate

the surrounding noise and deliver high-definition audio,

so that you can enjoy comfortable calls even in a busy office.
Avoid interruptions
Avoid interruptions
The Led indicator busy-light on the headset

will turn red when you're on a call,

which can act as a "do not disturb" sign

to keep you from being interrupted by colleagues.
Easy Call Management
Set the headset to connect to the computer and the desk phone simultaneously.
When you hear an ringtone while working, you just need to lift the headset from the base,
then the call is connected.

When you want to hang up the call,
you only need to dock the headset on the base.
Call control via Headset buttons
Call control via Headset buttons
If you walk around the office area,

you can also answer and end calls,

set the volume to your preferred level,

and mute microphone through

the intuitive touch buttons on the headset.
All Day Comfort
All Day Comfort
Leather Ear Cushion

Leatherette Soft Headband

The boom arm can be neatly folded away

into the headband when not in use.
Wide Compatibility
When the headset is in PC mode,
users can remotely answer and hang up calls from Teams and Skype for Business;

When in desk phone mode, it can be compatible with
Yealink, Cisco, Mitel, Unify, Siemens, Avaya, Shoretel, Toshiba, Panasonic,
Alcatel, Grandstream, Polycom, Fanvil Phones, Sangoma, and Digital phones.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
General Information
DECT range:
For European DECT, up to 120 meters from VT W320 DECT Headset base to headset.
For U.S. DECT, up to 350 feet from VT W320 DECT Headset base to headset.
Fit And Comfort
Leather Ear Cushions;
Leatherette Soft Headband
Audio Frequency
DECT frequencies:
US DECT: 1.92 - 1.93 Ghz.
EU DECT: 1.88 - 1.90 Ghz.Audio indicators:
Tones indicate incoming calls, low battery, volume level, microphone muting and other events.
Sound quality:
DSP noise reduction; echo cancellation; tone control; wide band and narrowband audio.
Battery type:Lithium Ion-polymer.
Battery capacity:
300 mAh, typical.
Battery talk time:
Up to 8 hours.
Battery lifetime:
Minimum 1000 charge cycles.
Battery standby time:
At least 36 hours.
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to +45˚C.
Compatible with PC Soft-phones Teams and Skype for Business.
Work seamlessly with most of desk phones.
PC and desk phone dual mode
Call Control
Answer and end calls
Mute microphone
Volume up and down
Extended Information
Operating environment:
-0˚C to +40˚C; Up to 95% Rh non-condensing.
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