Contact Center Solution
The headsets are equipped with large ear cushions for advanced passive noise cancelling,
and powered by a HiFi speaker for HD sound,
providing you with high quality call experience,
making it easier for you to focus on work and boost productivity.
QD Connectivity
QD Connectivity
This QD series headsets

can be used with various cables,

such as QD-3.5mm/QD-2.5mm/QD-USB/QD-RJ09,

and is perfectly compatible with

computers, mobile phones, and IP phones.
Comfort Plus
Comfort Plus
The mono version weighs only 72 grams,

while the binaural version weighs 98g,

making it effortless and burden-free.

Soft and breathable leatherette ear cushions

and headband protect your head and ears.
Product Advantage
VT7600 corded headsets with ergonomic and lightweight design
are comfortable enough for all day use without feeling tired,
In addition, it's built-to-last and suitable for daily calls of professionals in call centers and business offices.
Mute Control
Mute Control
HD Audio
HD Audio
Plug and Play
Plug and Play
Lightweight Design
Lightweight Design
Better Fits
Better Fits
Flexible earmuffs can swing up, down, left,

and right at a certain angle for better fit.

Flexible arm ensures microphone stays in the perfect position.

Adjustable headband suits for different head shapes.
Mute Microphone
Mute Microphone
Flipping up the Microphone boom arm

to a vertical position near the headband,

it can mute the microphone.
Wide Compatibility
VT7600 corded headsets come with a QD interface
and can be quickly applied to different devices with different QD cables.

It can seamlessly collaborate with UC platforms such as
MS Teams, Skype for business, MicroSip, Yeastar Linkus through QD to USB cable.

It can be compatible with different IP phones such as
Polycom, Yealink, Cisco, Avaya, Grandstream, Panasonic, etc.,
through QD to RJ09 or QD to 2.5mm cables.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
General Information
Headset weight: Mono headset 72g
Stereo headset 98g
Fit And Comfort
Soft and breathable leatherette ear cushions and headband
Audio Frequency
Microphone frequency range:100Hz – 10kHz Speaker bandwidth-Music mode:HiFi, 20Hz – 20kHz (wideband)
Speaker bandwidth-Speak mode:150Hz – 6.8kHz (wideband)
Speaker sensitivity:93±2dB
Speaker impedance:32±4.8Ω
Noise cancelling unidirectional microphone
Connected with different QD cables
to work with IP phone, Mobile phone and PC
PLT-QD or GN-QD for option
Call Control
Flipping up the Microphone boom arm to mute microphone
Extended Information
Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to 25°C
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